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The idea…


Order custom shirts in five minutes,
shipped to you in 7 days, at a better price than ever thought possible.

Have you ever tried to order custom products online and been overwhelmed with too many choices, complicated checkouts, numerous hidden fees, and slow ship times???

1 Effin’ Ink saves you time and money with our streamlined one color screen printing concept. We built an efficient, informative website, that provides a simple way for customers to design and order custom shirts. Over the last 16 years, I’ve heard the same questions over and over again. “Is their a screen fee?” “Does that include printing?” “What’s the least amount of shirts I can order?”. The goal of our website is to give the customer so much info that they’ll never need to contact us, unless they’re telling us how effin awesome their shirts turned out! Need shirts?! Click below and start designing now!

A deeper dive into the concept

4 color shirt for ellyeahdehd

4 color we made for @ellyeahdehd,
design by @levijacobbaileyart

After 16 years in the printing industry, I got sick of producing tedious multi-color shirt jobs. On the upside, these type of jobs look awesome and have a higher profit margin. The downside is, that a job can spend a whole day on press depending on the number of shirts, require time consuming color separations, multiple screens, registration headaches, and the printing moves at a snails pace. Instead of all that, I’d prefer to knock out a bunch of one color jobs, for a ton happy customers that will shout about their how awesome the experience was working with 1 Effin Ink. Printing simple, fool proof, one color art, allows us to cut down on art prep, screen making, and actual production time. Eliminating distractions gets your order to your door even faster. Our goal is to print and ship all orders in 2 business days. Most printing companies have 2 to 3 week turnarounds, eff that! Our streamlined process allows us to get your order to you as fast as possible. No time spent working on complicated art, no extended print times, no color registration errors. Simple. Speedy. Streamlined.

Multicolor jobs can eff off.

A little bit about the founder

I’ve been placing ink on shirts since 2001. I started my first screen printing company at age 21 while playing in a punk rock band. I wanted a job that’d still be there after I got home from tour.

downtown brown warped tour

Me playing the Warped Tour with @dtbdetroit

Printing our own shirts saved us money and kept the band on the road. It also allowed me to meet other bands who would become customers. I still produce tees for people I met on the road ten years ago.

I ran that business till 2009 when I came up with an idea for a shirt covered in grippy material that helped warehouse workers move objects. That business failed in 2013. That led me back to founding another screen printing business in 2013.

With way more knowledge and experience, me and my business partner quickly grew that business to 6 figures in sales. While trying to think of how to grow that existing business, I came up with the idea of a shop that just prints one color. The more I thought about it, the more I loved that concept. I taught myself web design, and built the website your looking at with no previous knowledge. I’m pretty damn proud of this site and my skills as a printer. Let me save you time and money on your future shirt orders.

-Rob Bates

1. Effin. Ink.